Frequently Asked Questions

PDF patterns from Candy Castle Patterns are easy to use, step-by-step patterns.

What is a PDF pattern and how does it work?

A PDF pattern is a digital sewing pattern. After it has been saved to your computer, it can be printed over and over for every size you wish to sew. The size range is generally many times larger than that of paper patterns.

All our patterns have been tested very thoroughly and fit together seamlessly. After printing, you tape your pages together using the included chart. They come together easily, so you will be ready to start sewing quickly.

Every PDF pattern includes very specific and detailed step-by-step instructions and color pictures to help you out on every part of the tutorial, and not leave you guessing.

Our patterns are created to accommodate customers all over the world, and will print on both US sized paper as well as A4 paper.

Seam allowances are always already included in our patterns.

Are your patterns tested for sizing and user-friendliness?

Yes, all our patterns are very thoroughly tested; every size is tested at least twice by individual, independent testers.


Do you have paper patterns for sale?

Candy Castle Patterns currently does not offer paper patterns. All patterns for sale are digital items.


I just purchased my pattern, where can I find it?

When you click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, you will be forwarded to a shopping cart to complete your purchase. After a successful payment, you receive an email with a link to download your pattern. Please save your pattern to your computer immediately. If you do not receive your download email, it could be in your spam folder.

You can always at any time log in to your account at the website and download your purchases from there. 

These are all digital patterns sent by email, so you do not receive a paper pattern in the mail.

Do I need software to use these patterns?

You will need Adobe Reader to open your PDF pattern. Most computers have this already installed by default, but if yours does not, you can download it for free on the Adobe website. Other PDF viewing programs may not be accurate to view or print your patterns.


How can I become a tester for Candy Castle Patterns?

Candy Castle Patterns uses an exclusive group of testers for every pattern to ensure uniform feedback throughout the whole collection. Sometimes, when we are in need of a size that is not available in our regular testing group, we will put out a ‘Call for Testers’ on our Pattern Group and/or Facebook page.

You cannot sign up for testing when there is no current call for testers, as we do not keep a list of people who wish to test for us.


Can I sell products created with your patterns?

Home sewists are welcomed to sell their items made with our patterns on a small scale. Mass production is not allowed.

Credit for the design would be appreciated but is not required.


Can I share this pattern with friends, my neighbour who sews, my sister, employees within my business, or anyone else?

No, as per international law on digital copyrighted goods, these patterns are all for personal use only, meaning after purchase, the only person who may use it, is you. You are not allowed to share, forward, redistribute, sell or reproduce the pattern for anyone else, in part or in whole. If your neighbour, friend, sister or employee wishes to create this item too, they will need to purchase their own.


Is there a customer service when I get stuck?

Yes, whichever your issue is, we are just an email away! We also offer an amazing sewing community on Facebook solely for Candy Castle Patterns, where you can not only show off your creations and be inspired by those of others, but also find a big group of experienced sewists available and willing to help you out with any and all issues you may have sewing your pattern.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Stripe.


Where can I find more inspiration / ask questions concerning these patterns?

Share your creations with us! Come join our amazingly supportive interactive sewing community on Facebook, fully dedicated to Candy Castle Patterns. Here, you can share your creations, browse through the creations of thousands of other Candy Castle enthusiasts and ask all and any questions you may have in regards to our sewing PDF patterns. We’d love to see you there and join in the fun, chatter, sewing tips, contests, sew-alongs and more! Find our community here.

I've lost my download link/my download link expired. Now what?

No worries! Just click here, enter your email address and your download(s) will be sent to you again. (only available for purchases done after Dec. 13 2016. For purchases done before this date, please feel free to email us and we'll help you retrieve your patterns!)

No refund policy

To avoid any confusion, we would like you to know that all sales are final, and no refunds will be given. Due to the digital nature of our products and service, once the purchase of the product is complete, you will have digital access to our digital products and digital goods. Due to the nature of our online products/service/goods, once a purchase is made, there will not be any refunds issued under any circumstance.

We do not issue refunds if:

  • You just change your mind
  • You choose not to use our product
  • You didn't understand that you were buying a digital product and not a paper pattern

By making a purchase on our site you are willingly accepting our terms and agreements regarding our no refund policy as it is publicly stated.   

If the site, patterns or tutorials are not working properly, you may contact us so we may fix the issue promptly.

PDF Layers

PDF Layers allow you to print only the size(s) you need. You can read more about PDF Layers and how to use them here.

What are A0 files?

A0 files are large scale files that you can take to a copy shop (or order the printouts online!) and are printed at poster format. This means no more taping pages together! These files can be used instead of, or next to, the regular printout.

Why are sizes labeled with letters (A, B, C, etc) for adult patterns?

Candy Castle Patterns is a European pattern designer, and uses European sizing standards. Over the years, the sizing gap between European sizing and US sizing has become increasingly larger, which could result in confusion in regards to size labels as XS, L, XL, which may differ in our region to what you may be used to.

Instead of size labeling a group of measurements, we have decided to name our adult sizes with a letter such as A, B, C. This way, there is no confusion why you are different size in European sizing than in US sizing, and it encourages measuring for size instead of picking the size you usually wear in RTW (ready-to-wear).

Do I need to print the sewing instructions too?

No, we design digital patterns, with only printable pattern pieces. You only need to print the pattern pieces; usually a handful of pages. Please do not print the sewing instructions/tutorial but only the pattern pieces. The tutorial was not designed to be fully printed. You can read the tutorial from your phone, desktop or tablet to save paper and ink.