What is a sew-along?

Basically, you could see a sew-along like an online meet-up of a whole bunch of people that like doing the same thing you do, sewing, and sit down around a big, wooden table, with a pile of cupcakes on a pretty pink plate, to sew something. Fabric is scattered all around and we exchange cute buttons! Oh, we do not just sew anything – we’re all sewing the same pattern, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

We do this on Facebook, and we interact a lot; helping each other out, laughing with one another, admiring each other's fabric choices, motivating each other.

The pattern is completely broken up into steps, and by following a schedule, we check off all those steps in portions, meanwhile chatting about our progress, showing off our projects, helping each other out with fabric choices and ideas.

We sew a little bit every few days or so, so it’s not overwhelming, and it can easily fit into anyone’s schedule.

For some sewists, it really helps to have set deadlines to finish steps of a pattern; I know it works that way for me! I actually get things done with deadlines.

Having such a sweet group of people joining you while sewing, works so motivational too! It’s perfect to join a sew-along for a pattern you’re a bit scared of perhaps, a pattern that seems difficult to you or a bit intimidating, because there is always someone who’s at the same step as you are, willing to help out.


Oh, there are often prizes involved too!! The real prize is of course, that you get to create something beautiful for someone special, and meet a whole bunch of people doing the same!

You can always jump in at your leisure, so you can catch up if you weren't able to join from the start. You do not need to sign up, just come on over and have fun!

Sew-Alongs are always done in our Pattern Group. We have regular sew-alongs, about every other month.

Sewing Community

Share your creations with us! Come join our amazingly supportive interactive sewing community on Facebook, fully dedicated to Candy Castle Patterns. Here, you can share your creations, browse through the creations of thousands of other Candy Castle enthusiasts and ask all and any questions you may have in regards to our sewing PDF patterns. We’d love to see you there and join in the fun, chatter, sewing tips, contests, sew-alongs and more!

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