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sizes: babies/girls 3m through 16y + Ladies XXS through Large


  • ruched legwarmers
  • embellishments
  • laced-up legwarmers
  • two lengths
  • huge size range

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Licorice Bits Legwarmers

Are you ready to get creative?


Whether you are looking for a great accessory to top off a sweet outfit for gym class or ballet lessons, or you are looking for something to keep those legs warm in colder weather, search no further!

These legwarmers have it all. They come in two lengths: a regular length that covers most of the lower leg, or a longer length that offers more of a slouchy look and can even be pulled up over the knee! The slouchy version is also perfect to create a fun twist peeking out over boots.


Various ways to embellish these legwarmers are included, such as a ruched legwarmer with a bow, a sewn-in bow, or laced-up legwarmers. Of course, you can just leave the embellishments off and whip up a bunch of these in an afternoon to make every outfit winter-ready!


These legwarmers are perfect to be worn in a baby carrier or sling when those pant legs ride up, leaving those precious little legs exposed to the colder weather. They make perfect baby shower gifts, for both girls as boys, in a solid color or a funky print. They are perfect, fast and cheap birthday presents for big girls too.


Big girls, tweens and teens, LOVE these legwarmers as a fashionable accessory, but for women legwarmers are all you see in today's street wear, too!


Ranging in a size 3m all the way to 16y and Ladies size XS through L, you will get a lot of use out of these legwarmers, and their timeless design will make it so easy to fit in the wardrobe of any girl or woman.


Recommended fabrics for the main legwarmer are fleece, polar fleece, sweatshirt fleece, (French) terry knit, thermal knit, sweater knit, velour, or really any kind of thicker knit with some stretch to it; instructions are also included to use regular knit. You can use knit scraps for the cuffs of the legwarmers if your main fabric doesn(tm)t offer enough stretch, or to mix and match colors for a fun twist.


The best thing about these legwarmers, besides the obvious? They sew up in less than 15 minutes per pair and require barely any fabric; you could use some leftovers and end up with something super sweet that cost barely any time or money!


This pattern is perfect for beginners. You do not need a serger for this pattern.

This pattern is also part of the discounted bundle The Candy Waltz Collection.


This is a DIGITAL file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared or forwarded with anyone else.

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