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$ 9.99

All prices are excluding VAT. Tax will be added on all purchases made from within the EU.

sizes: 3m - 12y


  • tons of options
  • dress or tunic length
  • cowl neck or neckband
  • straight cut hem (perfect for border prints!)
  • short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves
  • optional flutter sleeves
  • optional inseam pockets
  • optional bow ties in the front or the back
  • optional thumbhole cuffs
  • printable layers included
  • optional A0 copyshop file & projector file included next to regular printout

By purchasing this pattern you agree with our no refunds-policy as explained in our FAQ.

The Marzipan Mix & Match Dress & Tunic

Are you ready to get creative?

Get ready for a quick wardrobe staple with 96 possible configurations. This one pattern will carry your little one through the seasons!

Choose a light summery jersey for a dress with flutter sleeves and a bow for summer playtime or choose a cozy French Terry Tunic with a cowl, thumbhole cuffs and pockets to keep warm in the winter.

This pattern is perfect for those who have never dared sew with knit before. The tutorial will teach you, step by step, the best way to gather, sew and finish a beautiful masterpiece.

While this pattern is perfect for the beginning seamstress, it is varied enough to keep the experienced seamstress coming back for more.

You can make matching dresses but customize them to have a little bit of individual style.

Additional pattern blending instructions are provided, if needed, to assist you in having a garment that fits your precious person like a glove.

This versatile pattern comes in an amazing size range (3m – 12y) and has so many options, you’ll not grow tired of making them! This quick sew will be sure to please!

The straight cut hem makes this garment perfect for border prints.

This download contains:
1. Your PDF Pattern, with instructions and printable pattern pieces that can be printed on your home printer.
2. An A0 copyshop file (poster size). You can use this to have your pattern professionally printed at a copyshop.
3. A layered projector file. You can use this file if you own a digital projector that can project the pattern pieces on a flat surface (i.e. directly onto the fabric).

Basic sewing skills are all you need to create a professional-looking dress or tunic. You don’t need a serger for this project.

This is a DIGITAL file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared or forwarded with anyone else.


Jody: "So many options it was hard to decide which one to pick! We did one simple one and one with all the bells and whistles (cowl, ruffles, thumbholes and pockets) and my daughter cannot wait to wear it to school! It was such a great sew with wonderful directions for blending sizes."

Chiara: "This is a pattern I will be pulling out again and again to sew! My daughter loves her tunic, insisting on wearing it immediately and raving about how cozy it is! Great instructions for aiding all sewist to create their own well fitting, customized garment."

Whitney: "This pattern was so easy and FAST! The fit and flare silhouette is super flattering and all the variations turned a simple dress/tunic into endless options of fun sewing. You'll never get bored creating the perfect garment and with this pattern, my girls can "match" but still have their own style. I've made 4 already and can't wait to make more!"

Rach: "Amazing and versatile, the perfect pattern to use all year. Excellent size range and clear instructions have made this a staple in my girls' wardrobes."

Samantha: "So easy to sew together! It only took a couple of hours! How can you say no to a dress with pockets!!! My 2-year-old loves this so much, doesn’t want to take it off. Fits perfectly."

Mara: "This pattern shows how easy it is to sew with knits, no serger needed! Love that I can add pockets and flutters to make any garment pop."

Georgina: "A very easy and yet so beautiful dress and tunic. I just love the effect of the gathered bow tie. And I love how versatile this pattern is, you can sew something for every season."

$ 9.99