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$ 9.99

All prices are excluding VAT. Tax will be added on all purchases made from within the EU.

sizes: 11-12y - adults A - G (can be adapted to any size)

(please view our measurement chart)


  • Can be created for ANY waist size!
  • Detailed instructions to achieve the best fit
  • Create a skirt with a flat front waistband, or add the skirt to a bodice of choice to create a dress
  • Each size can be printed separately
  • Optional A0 copyshop files & projector file included next to regular printout

  • Matching kids' pattern available

By purchasing this pattern you agree with our no refunds-policy as explained in our FAQ.

The Adult Peppermint Swirl Skirt & Dress

 Are you ready to get creative?

This pattern will show you how to create a skirt or a dress like you have never seen before!


It’s not a circle skirt, and it’s not a rectangular gathered skirt; it’s so much more! There are flounces upon flounces sewn together into an unbelievably magical creation.

Whether you are looking for a perfect and unique holiday skirt or a fun summer skirt, this is the pattern that will offer you the most unique creation you’ve ever made.


Let’s create something magical together!


Well-drafted pattern pieces, measurement charts, hints, and tips throughout sewing make this an easy sew, in spite of the intricate design.

Although the design appears to be elaborate, do not let this fool you: the step-by-step instructions and spot-on pictures will help even an adventurous beginner create this beauty of a skirt or dress.


You do not need a serger for this project.


This pattern will show you how to either:

  • Create a Peppermint Swirl skirt with a flat front waistband
  • Use the skirt portion to create a dress by attaching it to a bodice (bodice of your choice; a bodice is not included in this download)


No need to fit in a chart! Instructions are included on how to achieve the best fit for every size, regardless of your waist measurement. The tutorial will allow you to create a skirt using the measurements of the recipient, so it will be a perfect fit every time, or a dress by using your favorite bodice.

I will walk you through all the steps of the process; measuring, picking the correct size, cutting the right pattern pieces, and sewing.


This pattern uses woven fabrics. Cotton poplin and quilting cotton are great choices, but you can use any light- to medium-weight woven fabric that you feel comfortable sewing with. Satin, silk, the sky is the limit!


This download contains:

  1. Your PDF Pattern, with instructions and printable pattern pieces that can be printed on your home printer.
  2. An A0 copyshop file (poster size). You can use this to have your pattern professionally printed at a copyshop.
  3. A layered projector file. You can use this file if you own a digital projector that can project the pattern pieces on a flat surface (i.e. directly onto the fabric).

This is a digital file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared or forwarded with anyone else.


Liesel: "This is such a fun pattern. I hardly sew for myself but I knew I had to have a fun twirly skirt for me. The pattern is easy to follow and very fun to watch the pieces come together." 

Tina: "At first glance, this pattern can be intimidating but the directions for a custom fit are so well written and very easy to follow along! Love my new peppermint skirt and off to get more fabric to make my little one a matching one."

Nicole: "Tutorial is AMAZING, as is the skirt!!! I feel like an adult princess."

Jeanie: "The Peppermint Swirl was the perfect pattern for my Halloween-inspired skirt and I cant wait to make many more for my friends and nieces. It's just beautiful & surprisingly easy to make!"