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$ 9.99

All prices are excluding VAT. Tax will be added on all purchases made from within the EU.

sizes: 12m - 13-14y


  • four lengths: top, tunic, dress, and maxi dress
  • various sash options
  • regular bodice or ruched bodice
  • optional detachable mini bows
  • optional inseam pockets
  • includes layers
  • optional A0 copyshop file & projector file included next to regular printout

By purchasing this pattern you agree with our no refunds-policy as explained in our FAQ.

Sugar Ruche Top, Tunic, Dress & Maxi Pattern

Are you ready to get creative?


This pattern brings you all you need for summer: a top, tunic, dress, and maxi dress! It’s great for showing off cotton prints or using scraps. Quilt up the top or piece together the bottom for a fun boho look.


Various sash options and optional (detachable) mini bows at the straps give you the option to put as much detail (and beautiful contrasting or matching fabrics!) into your design as you wish.


You will learn how to make a beautiful, stylish ruched bodice, but you can also choose to use a quick, easy, basic bodice instead if you prefer.


And what’s a dress without pockets!? I’ll show you how to sew optional inseam pockets to make this project the dream of any adventurous kid!


This pattern has an amazing size range (12m – 13-14y) and is sure to become a wardrobe staple for summer.


A matching set of mini bows pulls together a cute look. There are endless possibilities for this one! It makes a perfect dress to show off panels, a fun print, or upcycle an old favorite. Your imagination is the limit!


In this tutorial, you will learn gathering techniques that are useful for this project and others.


It’s very easy to blend sizes if needed. A thorough chapter with blending instructions has been added to ensure you achieve the best fit for every child, even if your child is in between sizes.


While printable pattern pieces have been included, you could choose to use the cutting charts instead –you don’t have to print a single page to get started unless you want to!


Basic sewing skills are all you need to create a professional-looking dress; this pattern is suitable for beginner sewists. You do not need a serger for this pattern.

This download contains:
1. Your PDF Pattern, with instructions and printable pattern pieces that can be printed on your home printer.
2. An A0 copyshop file (poster size). You can use this to have your pattern professionally printed at a copyshop.
3. A layered projector file. You can use this file if you own a digital projector that can project the pattern pieces on a flat surface (i.e. directly onto the fabric).


This pdf pattern contains layers. PDF Layers allow you to turn on and off pattern pieces, grouped per size. This way, you can choose to print one or more sizes you want to print, instead of having to print them all by default.

This is a DIGITAL file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared with or forwarded to anyone else.


Erin: "I love that this pattern has so many length options. The instructions are easy to understand and they yield a very professional, well-fitted result. I made this in tunic length for my daughter and she loves it! I can’t wait to make more!"

Kathryn: "My granddaughter loves this and so far I've had to make the top and tunic and buy more fabric to make the dress. She’s a very girly girl who loves dresses but doesn’t like them too ‘fluffy’ so the option to leave off the sash and bows are perfect for her. I can see this pattern being used many times over the next few years. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow as usual. Thank you."

Whitney: "I love how easy this dress was to blend sizes. Neither of my girls fit conventional ready-to-wear: one is very skinny and the other is round for her height - but this dress was so easy to quickly adjust the height or the width and have a custom fit that looked great on either girl. No matter their shape!"

Amanda: "I absolutely love how this pattern turned out! I like that you have the option to make a simple bodice or switch it up to a ruched bodice with the same pattern. I also like when a pattern provides other extras to pick and choose and get different looks every time you make it." 

Mallory: "Very simple and straight forward. Instructions are very clear. Easy to customize."