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sizes: 6m-12y

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Ice Cream Skirt

Are you ready to get creative?


There are so many ways you can create this pattern, as there are so many options included!



  • High-waisted skirt
  • Flat front waistband
  • Gathered back waistband
  • Optional sash
  • Optional tulle underskirt
  • Optional detachable accessories


Layer options:

  • Triple Scoop Ice Cream (three layers)
  • Single Scoop Ice Cream (one layer)



  • Detachable and interchangable bow on the waistband
  • Detachable and interchangable scrappy flowers on the waistband



  • Tied in the front
  • Tied in the back
  • No sash


This super versatile and timeless pattern comes in a large size range, from 6m through 12y, so you will get lots of use out of this pattern. This skirt makes an awesome gift too.

It's very easy to adjust lengths as you please; thorough instructions are included.


You can get started right away without printing and piecing pages together! This pattern consists of a measurement guide for the skirt, waist and sash. The page with optional applique pattern pieces is the only page you will need to print.

This pattern is suitable for beginner seamstresses. You do not need a serger for this pattern.

This is a DIGITAL file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared or forwarded with anyone else.

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