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$ 4.00

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sizes: newborn - 14y


  • various skirt options
  • sleeveless dress instructions
  • many add-ons available to completely change it up

By purchasing this pattern you agree with our no refunds-policy as explained in our FAQ.

Bubblegum Parade Maxi Dress

Are you ready to get creative?


This pattern add-on will show you how to create a gorgeous tiered maxi dress using the Bubblegum Dress Pattern!


The Tiered Bubblegum Parade Maxi Dress consists of three tiers with an optional contrast ruffle between the tiers.


Additional measurements and instructions are included. On top of that, we have added a tutorial to this add-on that shows you how to sew the Bubblegum Dress sleeveless! With the beautifully finished armholes, either lined or with bias tape, it changes up your Bubblegum Dress into the ultimate sundress.


You will need to have the Bubblegum Dress Pattern to be able to use this pattern add-on.


This is a DIGITAL file that you print at home, not a finished item or a paper pattern. All seam allowances are already added. This pattern is for personal use only and may not be shared or forwarded with anyone else.

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